27 y/o from Odessa, Ukraine
Hi, I am
Maxim Cherednichenko
9+ years of
UX/UI designer
Designer with a keen and strong understanding of how UI/UX can advance business performance and profitability. Analytical and creative with business acumen. Fast learner, problem solver, and team player with time management and multitasking skills. Fluent in conversational English.
- Prototyping skills and knowledge in creating wireframes;
- Experience in responsive design (mobile, desktop and tablets);
- Fast learner (I have learned and achieved a decent level in a lot of fields and I am familiar with a lot of apps, that include Figma, Premier pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe XD, PS, Illustrator, AE, Premier Pro. etc);
- Problem Solver (If there is things that need to be solved - that's my job, years of freelance and working on myself tempted me to be productive and not waste anyone's time, including mine);
- Great team player with time-management skills and multitasking (and I can't tolerate the opposite while working with someone);
- Fluent in English (I can talk for hours on English about different stuff, including talking with clients about specifications of done work and have easily presented all the projects I made as UI/UX Designer)
- Strong graphic skills (4 years on stocks as vector designer, also been art-director in same field);
2 years
3 month
Premiere Pro
6 month
After Effects
4 years
3 years
Adobe XD
9 years
3 years
Final Cut Pro X
6 years
2021 - 2022
2020 - present
2019 - present
2016 - 2020
2013 - 2017
2013 - present
Sr. UI/UX designer at Zfort
I was mostly working on startups but I also did some other design-related work which include: typography, redesigning of landing pages, design of music players, banners, etc.

My main role was making a startups and I have successfully completed two of them. Both my clients and my company were happy with the solutions I provide and with the estimated time I spent on those projects.
What have I done in each project:
- Talking with a client and creating a Technical Assignment;
- Analyze and Research;
- Creating user flow and journey map;
- Creating wireframes and low fidelity mockups;
- Ui design (design system, branding, logo, components);
- Prototyping and presentation (teaching client how to present the project to investors);
- Providing updates
Founder of Silentium.Design
I have a one-man web studio https://www.silentium.design which I operate alone and do all the stuff on my own.
That include:
- Management: Finding clients, making first contact with them, getting to know their business/service/niche, and initially creating a brief plan, based on all the information and research I made;
- Branding: creating a few variants of logos (at least 3-5), choosing a color palette, font, creating custom icons and illustrations, overall making outstanding websites for my clients;
- UI: making correct placement of all the texts (titles, descriptions), buttons, icons, illustrations in right place, so future customers of my clients will be easily guided throughout the website;
- From Design to the Internet: I work with Tilda to implement my design into a website, using only "Zero-block" (designing from scratch), applying animations, and parallax. Making adaptive websites manually, that include 5 screen sizes (desktop - tablet - mobile);
- Settings and other misc: setting up a domain name, DNS, SEO, favicons, website badges, connecting to the owner's messengers, etc.
Illustrator Teacher at OneEveLearn
I am currently making an online course About Illustrator in both English and Russian at my own company OneEveLearn. In my spare time, I teach my friends. So I know how to explain things and get straight to the point. I have nearly 9 hours of lessons in total and I am about to publish them on Udemy, Skillshare and on my own platform. So I have strong skills in Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro, After Effects and voice editing.
Stock Vector Designer
I was making icons, illustrations, banners, ads, brushes, logos and fonts and successfully sold more than 70k copies of my artworks on platforms like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Creative Market, BIg Stock and others. I also have been working as Art-director at vector studio for a few months. https://www.shutterstock.com/g/maxchered?rid=4210363
Freelance web design/different web-studios
Been working as a freelance web designer mostly in Photoshop in a duo with my friend-programmer. Together we have created nearly 20 websites. From Landing pages and e-commerce websites to large corporate websites. Sweet old era of Photoshop layers =)

I was also working in a few local web studios for a few months each but didn't like that. My weekly income as a freelancer was equal to a month's income in a web studio, so it was not relevant to me, not to mention a few hour's drive from home to the studio. Working remotely was not an option back then (before covid), but I always liked to work from a cozy home anyways =)
Other (Graphic Related)
I do a lot of different things for my friends and their business that includes: Ad banners, logos, postcards, business cards, Invitational Cards, photo processing, school photo albums (design), Mockups and other graphic related stuff and of course I do some local memes for my friends=)

I am also working on my own Board Game in Illustrator. This game is inspired by me playing Munchkin and DnD (I hate both). I did create a lot of wireframes, icons, statistics and illustrations for this project. Currently working on balance and editing game mechanics.
Recent UI/UX projects
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