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Silentium Design

Convert leads to sales thanks to:

Too little information - and the client will have doubts, too much - and the client will drown in it. We will select the most optimal site structure for your business, which will generate the largest number of applications

Site structure

More than 50% of people sit on in the Internet from their smartphones. We separately and manually create versions of the site for a computer, tablet and phone


A beautiful picture is important, but do not forget about correctly composed text. We write texts that have a beneficial effect on SEO and are also easy for the client to digest

Selling texts

Our icons are mini illustrations that complement the site and make it unique. Thanks to this alone, your site will stand out from competitors, because more than 95% of sites have outstanding icons of the same type

Unique icons

Another way to stand out from the competition is well-applied Parallax effect. Interaction with such a site will not only bring aesthetic pleasure to the client, but also push him to make a purchase or leave an application

Parallax and animation

Latest Works

Website creating process (~3-5 days)

1-3 days
1 Day
As a bonus, we will make a mini advertising campaign for you in the form of banners for different social media: facebook, instagram, etc.


1 hour
We teach you how to properly manage the site, accept applications (admin panel). Do not be afraid, it is not difficult, and sometimes even exciting

CRM training

The remaining 50%
1 hour
The finished site is transferred to your hands, together we check the site from different devices (computer, tablet, phone)

Site transfer

After the final approval of the design, our shaman magically translates the design into code, makes the site responsive for all possible screen resolutions, connects forms and other settings

Site programming

40% of the amount
We provide you with the site's design and together we discuss possible changes and edits. This is inevitable, the world is decaying, hold on...
1 hour

Design approval

1-3 days
After the approval of the TA, the designer sits down to create prototypes and makes the design of the site: structure, icons and illustrations, filling in the text and creating a logo

Site design

30 minutes
We will have a call and discuss all the details and nuances of your business, based on which we approve the Technical Assignment

Technical Assignment

Advance 10% of the amount
2 minutes
You leave a request on the website, we will get in contact with you approximately from 11:00 to 18:00


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